Congratulations to all the Winners!

Dozens of students around Georgia entered the Stay in SHAPE contest during September, declared SHAPE Month by Gov. Nathan Deal. Through videos, pictures and even poems, kids showed how they stay healthy by practicing martial arts, playing basketball, swimming and other activities.


Five-year-old Cooper is only in kindergarten and he is already thinking about staying fit. He works out with his dad in Macon. He enjoys warming up by stretching his arms and legs. They also spend time completing situps and pushups.  Coopers gets in lots of movement during his video games too. 


Nadia, a fifth-grade student at Wilkinson County Elementary, gets in the groove with her hoola-hooping moves. To the tune of “I Feel Good,” she and classmates workout their muscles and coordination to stay fit. In Nadia said she feels good when she is hoola-hooping and staying fit through the day is her goal while she plays.


Michelle, a fourth-grade student at Teasley Elementary, is taking getting fit to a whole new level. Michelle enjoys tumbling and running, and recently competed in the 2012 Junior Olympics in Houston, Texas.  She has received lots of medals for being physically active.healthy.


Lee is a role model for his classmates at Cooper Middle School. He enjoys staying fit by completing pushups with two hands and building upper body strength.  Lee can do pushups with one hand too. This is not as easy as it looks. His classmates know that Lee has put in la lot of work during PE class to build muscles and stamina to stay healthy.


Twins Darion and DeAndre, sixth-grade students at Champion Middle School, submitted the poem, “Stay in SHAPE and Get Your Swagger On.” The following is an excerpt from their poem:



C’ianah, a seventh-grade student at Columbia Middle School, submitted the following rap about how you can Stay in SHAPE:

Stay in SHAPE and Get Your Swagger On

Hey everybody, listen up and listen good
Take this tip from two boys in the neighborhood
Use some time to get in shape
Stop putting all that fatty food on your dinner plate

Step up your swagger and get in the game
Make a commitment, don’t be ashamed
No, your eyes are not deceiving you
You do see double
My brother and I eat balanced meals
Like meat, dairy, vegetables, fruit and grain
So later in life we’ll avoid some pain


Stay in SHAPE

Stay in shape is now the new motto, it’s really important it’s like you’re trying to win the lotto.

Always eat right and stay very active, it’s not that hard all you need to do is practice. Go to the gym and drink plenty of water, vegetables and fruits should be the only thing you order.

Push yourself hard but know your limits, don't stress out face the gimmicks. You can go to a court and shoot some baskets, or go play tennis and use some rackets. Set realistic goals and don’t get discouraged, don't give up I’m out ya heard it!