Students: It’s all because of you.

Our young people in Georgia are our most important asset. And that’s why Georgia SHAPE is all about you, your goals, your health and your future. You are the cornerstone of Georgia SHAPE, a program with one objective in mind: a healthier you and a healthier future for Georgia, one child at a time, one step at a time and one healthy meal at a time.

Georgia’s leaders across the state are partnering with your favorite sports teams, like the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Braves, and even celebrities—all standing with you and supporting your school to make Georgia’s students the healthiest they can be.

It all begins with the FITNESSGRAM. Happening every school year, FITNESSGRAM is a way for your school to get a better understanding of your individual level of fitness.

Remember your individual session where someone at your school, probably your gym teacher, measured your fitness using quick tests to determine your strength and flexibility? Well, those measurements are reported to you and your family in your private FITNESSGRAM. (Don’t worry. Only you and your family see your personal results.) But, when the results are combined across the state, we get a general “snapshot” of Georgia’s overall fitness and what kind of work we’ll need to do to improve.

Here at, you can learn more about the measurements of FITNESSGRAM.

You can even help plan healthy and tasty meals with your family by searching our recipes.

And, you and your family can use our cool Fitness at Your Fingertips app to find fun activities right in your own community or neighborhood.

You can even share your activities with the world on Twitter and check-in to activities on Facebook.

Eager to get a head start?  Check out some activities you can do right now by clicking on the links to the right.

Welcome to Georgia SHAPE. Welcome to a new you. And welcome to a new, more fit Georgia.