Getting Children to Eat Healthy

Convincing children to eat fruits and vegetables instead of sugar and fat can be a challenge. But a nutrition expert for the Rockdale County school district told Fox 5 in Atlanta that students there are making the transition to healthier meals.


Peggy Lawrence, the director of school nutrition for the Rockdale County schools, said students at Lorraine Elementary School have more nutritious lunch options than the typical greasy pizza or oily french fries. They eat peaches, carrot sticks and spinach salad with homemade croutons and low-fat dressing. Most of the students don’t seem to mind the healthy changes, Fox 5 said.


When it comes to getting kids to eat healthy meals at home, Lawrence told Fox 5 that parents should keep it quiet.


“For example, today’s menu we’re serving spaghetti. The pasta is a whole grain pasta. We’re not making a big deal about that with the children, but we know that what we’re doing for them is healthier,” Lawrence said.


Lawrence also said children like foods that are colorful, bite-sized and something they can control, like fruits or veggies they can dip in sauces. She also advised parents to get their children involved in meal planning and cooking to keep them involved and on board with healthy changes in their diets.


Read and watch the Fox 5 story.

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