Outdoor Workout Zones Bring Fitness to Atlanta Parks

A dozen Atlanta parks have been transformed into outdoor gyms, giving local residents the chance to work out for free, according to a Fox 5 Atlanta report.


The Atlanta City Parks Department worked with local neighborhood associations to raise money to buy circuit training equipment for their community parks. The equipment uses a person’s body weight to act as resistance, similar to equipment found in many gyms.


"The machines have just gotten that much better, you used to have a chin up bar, now you have machines out here that work every part of your body. And they're actually pretty easy to use," Atlanta City Parks Director Doug Voss told Fox 5.


Voss said the machines give families an alternative to costly gym memberships and put fitness within reach for everyone. The parks department told Fox 5 that so far, it hasn’t turned down any neighborhood associations wanting to collaborate on buying the equipment.


Learn about more resources in parks around metro Atlanta.

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