Youth Fitness Campaign to Georgia

National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils Brings Youth Fitness Campaign to Georgia

Fitness Icon and Chairman Jake Steinfeld and Gov. Nathan Deal Announce Campaign to Support Fitness Programs in Georgia Schools


The National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils is bringing its multi-million dollar physical fitness campaign to Georgia. The foundation encourages and rewards innovation in the field of youth fitness by awarding fitness centers to schools that use new and unique methods to promote student physical activity and wellness. The program is open to all public or public charter elementary or middle schools throughout the state. Three schools selected by the foundation will be named National Champion Schools and will be awarded $100,000 state-of-the-art Live Positively Fitness Centers for their efforts.


“This is a great day for the state of Georgia. I fully support the efforts to bring the National Champion Schools campaign to our state to help our children get fit,” said Gov. Nathan Deal. “I encourage every elementary and middle school in the state to work hard to get nominated for a Live Positively Fitness Center. This innovative program, which aligns with our Georgia SHAPE initiative, will have a lasting effect on the health of our children!”


The National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils program plans to challenge all 50 states in the coming years. Making this program even more attractive is that it does not rely on taxpayer dollars or state funding. Each fitness center is financed through a public/private sector partnership with companies like the Coca-Cola Company.


 “Gov. Deal’s enthusiam for our National Champion Schools campaign has been fantastic. We both recognize that our children are our most precious resource and that leading them down a healthy path will make a huge difference for their futures,” said Jake Steinfeld, chairman of the National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils. “In every state we’ve visited in the past, we’ve seen how passionate students have become about exercise and the importance of eating healthy. Moreover, I believe that academics and fitness go hand in hand and that if you provide the schools the tools, we will build strong bodies and minds while boosting confidence, self-esteem and focus in the classroom. And in doing so, we are giving students the opportunity to excel beyond their wildest dreams.”


For more information about the National Foundation or to download a nomination form, visit


Physical activity and exercise are shown to help prevent and treat more than 40 chronic diseases, enhance individual health and quality of life and reduce health care costs. In schools, studies show that physical activity improves academic achievement, increases confidence and self-esteem, reduces discipline problems, cuts absenteeism and fosters better interpersonal relationships.


The National Foundation’s goal is to build a nation of the fittest, healthiest kids in the world.


Gov. Deal’s health care agenda focuses on the health and well-being of children in Georgia. He launched Georgia SHAPE with the Department of Public Health in May 2012 to help bring awareness to the importance of physical activity and sound nutrition in Georgia’s schools. He knows that children who are physically active and have access to nutritious foods are more likely to perform better in the classroom.